Donna Itzstein

Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Pharmacist, Diabetes Queensland @ Diabetes Queensland

Donna Itzstein has been a community pharmacist for more than 30 years. After taking a break from this profession to raise three daughters, she returned to Pharmacy. She says “ I feel the need to not just help people with their health, but to be one of those people who changes their lives for the better”. She studied in 2012 to become an accredited pharmacist for medication reviews. The growing number of people in community living with diabetes and a feeling of not being able to assist to the best of her abilities nudged her into studying diabetes. She studied Diabetes Education and at Southern Cross University in 2015. She joined the team at Diabetes Queensland in 2016, an organization that does change people’s lives for the better. Her community pharmacy time allows her to understand people’s needs in pharmacy and enjoy her time with the regular clientele.

Starting insulin for people with type 2 diabetes

Synopsis For many people the progression of type 2 diabetes includes commencing on insulin therapy to reduce the risk of diabetes related complications and promote health and wellbeing. The initiation of insulin therapy in the management of type 2 diabetes often starts with the general practitioner. This session will focus on the steps taken to support a person commencing insulin, from when and how to start insulin including the equipment needed.