Dr Morwenna Kirwan

PhD, Researcher and Senior Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences @ Macquarie University

Morwenna is a researcher and senior teaching fellow in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University. As an exercise and behavioural scientist, she has spent the past decade conducting and evaluating interventions focused on changing lifestyle behaviours: including physical activity, nutrition and chronic disease management. She is currently evaluating the effectiveness of community-based translational diabetes programs to improve health outcomes. Outside of research Morwenna teaches lifestyle medicine, health psychology and behaviour change to future medical and allied health professionals.

Improving client outcomes with a novel exercise program: The case for Beat It.

Synopsis Morwenna will discuss the findings from “Beat it”, an 8-week community-based group exercise intervention for individuals with diabetes. The program was originally developed in 2010 and has been delivered more extensively by accredited exercise physiologists across metropolitan and regional NSW over the past three years. Morwenna will compare this program to other physical activity interventions for individuals with diabetes, highlighting the significant achievements and challenges in delivery. She will also discuss the benefits and barriers experienced by participants and how the program design facilitates improved health outcomes.